How To Be Emotionally Detached

How To Be Emotionally Detached

How To Be Emotionally Detached Emotionally detaching yourself from your loved ones and the world in general can be a difficult and challenging task, which can involve a lot of struggle in the initial stages. Man is considered to be a social animal and has to live in the company of other people to survive.

We humans need love, care and support from others in order to live a normal and peaceful life. It is said that it is this support and concern that we receive from others which makes our life worthwhile and meaningful. However, if one decides to emotionally detach himself from the world; it may require him to bring about an alteration in his behavior altogether, also having to bring about a change in his lifestyle and beliefs.

There are many factors which may make a person detach themselves from people though some of the major ones are physical or emotional abuse, self-discovery or becoming a celibate. People, who get emotionally detached from everyone, no longer connect with friends or family members and stop worrying about trivial issues, problems and troubles of others and tend to live a life where only they themselves are important.

Such people are no longer able to connect with others or empathize with people in their difficult times. They only use their intellect to analyze a given situation, to understand the practicality of things. They may avoid meeting people and diminish their existing relationships to a great extent. In order to emotionally detach yourself, you may need to keep certain factors in mind, which will guide you through this process easily.

Ways To Be Emotionally Detached

Focus on Yourself

It is of utmost importance to keep your entire focus on yourself and not think about the other people who have been a part of your life. You need to love and respect yourself more than anyone and give yourself the much deserved importance and esteem. Try to focus on your goals and do all that makes you happy and satisfied in life. You can go on a much-awaited vacation or take up a new hobby to keep the focus completely on yourself without thinking about others.

Body Language

Controlling your body language and making it work according to your thoughts is a very important part of emotional detachment. A person’s body language and expression can reveal a lot about him, even if he does not utter a single word. You may be thinking of avoiding a person or not letting his words affect you, but your body language might be such that it gives away your true feelings, making things go wrong.

How To Be Emotionally Detached

In a given situation, do not react in a manner people would normally think you will. In order to send across the message that the person really doesn’t have the power to affect you, one should always maintain full eye contact with that person and say whatever you have to, right into their eyes. It is good to put on a blank expression which helps you hide your true feelings about a person.

Expect Nothing

A person who is trying to detach himself emotionally has to understand that it is very important to expect absolutely nothing from anyone. Whether people came to meet you at a time of crisis, or wished you on your birthday or even stood by you in difficult times should not bother you at all and these things should have no meaning for you.

Try to maintain a boundary in every relationship, not allowing anyone to get too personal or close with you. Just ensure that you stand up for yourself during times of trouble and try to make yourself so strong that you never have to ask someone else to help or support you in anything.

Accept People as They Are

If you are able to accept people as they are and stop expecting anything from them, you will realize how easy it is to emotionally detach from the people around you. Whether a person is rude or soft towards you, it should not make any difference to you. You should refrain from thinking about those people who show care and concern for you and avoid neglecting people who have done wrong to you. In other words, one should try to have a neutral feeling towards everyone. How people act or what they do should not be of any concern to you.

Practice Meditation

Meditation and yoga puts you at a higher level than others and brings to you inner peace and calmness. By practicing deep breathing on a daily basis, you tend to concentrate more and more on your inner self and stop thinking about the outside world and all the people in it.

How To Be Emotionally Detached

It also gives you inner strength which in return gives you the power to not let others affect you or make you feel happy or sad. This will help you take control of your emotions and feelings. Meditation will also make your mind relax and let you think rationally.

Don’t Burn Inside

Emotionally detaching youself form others is a time taking process which might not be achieved immediately. While you are still trying to detach, do not let the anger or frustration burn inside you. Keep a diary with you where you can write all that you feel at the end of the day. This will not only calm you down from within but also give you a medium to express yourself secretly without having to confide into others. By writing it all down, you will be able to release your true feelings which would otherwise linger in your mind all the time.

Be Responsible for Your Happiness

In order to emotionally detach from others you need to hold yourself solely responsible for all the happy and sad moments that you experience in your life. What others have done or should have done for you shouldn’t be of any concern to you. Neither should you feel disappointed if someone lets you down nor feel happy if someone does you a favor. It is important to be the master of your own feelings. Don’t let others affect you in any way.


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    I love this! This is what I was looking for! I am tired of emotionally being pulled in so many directions expecting change from others. I finally can get on the right path! Living the Life “I” was given for myself!