How to Attract Girls


Do you wonder how other men can turn almost any girl they want into their girlfriend? They had, at first; many insecure moments too, do not worry. What matters is expressing (or trying to express) your feelings for her even at the risk of being laughed at.

Wondering how to do that? Here are some tips that, if followed correctly, will change your life forever as far as interacting with girls is concerned.

Find out what type of girl she is. Communicate with her and listen, pay close attention to her. You will discover how her mind works, what she likes. Maybe among some of the things that she likes, you will find something you like as well. Start by being romantic. Say something that you think will touch her deeply.

The “romantic tactic” involves you playing with her sentimental buttons. If you play correctly, your prize is the girl. Try to notice if she responds to your advances in a positive, friendly manner and make her feel comfortable around you. Talk to her like you have known each other for a very long time.

Another good method is fractionation. This has something to do with hypnosis, very interesting stuff. A very controversial but effective method for seducing women, fractionation involves bringing her into an emotional ride that she will have a hard time forgetting; all this by communicating verbally.

The process will make her feel good and want more of the emotions you give her. She will become emotionally attached and it will be much easier to make her do what you want!

Do some nice things for her. Help each way you can and try to spend with time with her as much as possible. Flirting is very important; let it come in a natural way though.

Flirting is a skill and it takes practice to improve, do not be upset if it is not going so well at first. Remember that the majority of men are not very good at flirting, so there is no real reason to feel bad about yourself. Just try to focus on her and make her feel like she is having a great time! Do not use cheesy lines, they will not lead anywhere.