How To Attract A Woman And Keep Her Attracted


In this fast pace of today’s world some times all it takes is the catch of an eye to set the blaze a fire between the sexes. In fact, it’s at best when you have the eyes go twinkle between two people that one can hope or expect things to move forward.  A seed has been germinated to getting to know each other. But guys there are some simple rules to the ball game of moving thing forward if you hope to make and retain that twinkling of the eye.

After that first burst of enthusiasm between the two sexes the paths led by both partners is different. Women wish to walk the slow march, and be wooed into the encounter. While men want to run, the Usain Bolt 100 meter dash. Well men you may win the 100 meter dash even if it is not as fast as Usain Bolt but sadly, guys the lady is still waiting to get off the starters block as far as she’s concerned. Slow down brothers learn the art of turning on the charm not trying to switch it on.

It is every woman’s wish that she be charmed. Programmed like a computer they need to be played like a fine classical piano recital, which gently meander from the meadows to the garden of paradise. Come men do not tell me you have not learnt the word ‘seduction’ is not just another word in the English language. Tell me would you really want a woman to jump into bed at the drop of your pants. Hmm think again, wonder who’s next in line after you? If she is so easy to play she really is not some one you may really want, at least not if you have got your head on straight.

So what are we trying to say really? Just take it one step at a time. Do not push buttons. Respond to her. Lead her down the garden path show her the roses and the butterflies. Show her you too are not a jump in the pan. Make a conscious effort to laugh along with her and listen to her. Let her feel free to express her self. Turn the table around in some ways and let her do the seduction. You suddenly become the charmed prince she is seeking. Be gracious and laud her for her grace and beauty. Surprise her with your wit. Just don’t let your hot pants take you over if it’s a long haul call you are making.