Hot Stone Therapy For Relaxation


hot-stone-therapy The latest in relaxation therapy is the hot stone therapy. You may have seen an odd picture of it some where and wondered what it’s all about. Trust me it’s the latest new thing in getting that circulation going. It will relax all those sore muscles of yours and leave you free from the stress and strain from daily living. So if it is spa you are heading of to soon, ask if they have the hot stone therapy there.

Around really for many years, it has found new grace in the celebrity world which has then become main stream for many. In fact, it is a lot more than just hot stones that you will find in this relaxing technique; to contrast it, they even have cold stones which bring instant relief. The roots of hot stone therapy are found in Indian Ayurvedic systems. This is of course an ancient method used in India for healing. The Indian Ayurvedic system is founded on a belief of energy flows.

They call it the ‘prana’ which flows through the body. Some think of it to be similar to the Chinese Oriental Chie. Yogis or wise men (men who practiced medicine) evolved the system to help people way back then to help heal or revive their bodies. There was much emphasis on herbs, flowers stones both heated and cold as well as precious stones involved in this art of healing.

The stones are flat smooth stone taken from the river bed. Coming from the river bed, they are smooth for the body. They were warmed either in hot coals or hot water and then placed on the energy flow lines of an individual. This was the manner in which this form of treatment started out. Today the whole system is far more refined in its administration.

The energy flow lines have been well documented by the ancient art of the ayurvedic exponents. Today modern spars have started using the old technique again. This even includes seven precious stones to bring balance to what is called the chakra centers. The smooth stones have excellent thermotherapy capacity.

This is what helps in dispelling the warmth through out the body when applied providing almost instant relief. In today’s spa, they use the traditional method of dry hot stones (some times covered with cloth), as well as the Lomi-Lomi and Swedish style, where the hot stones have some oil on them and so can be effectively moved over the body smoothly.