Host The Best Cocktail Party


Cocktail parties are the best way to get together and the best excuse to grab a great drink too. for a few tips on how to host a cocktail party read on. I am not, however, implying that you don’t know how to host a party, just hoping this makes for some leisure reading.

Well to begin with we need drinks for a cocktail party. You should have a mix of drinks of both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic brews. Consider stocking up the following few drinks before you plan your party.

You need to have some good red as well as white wines and a bit of Champaign as well some Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Bourbon, and perhaps a tot of rum too. But the rum depends on the type of climate you are enjoying. Beer of any type is always appreciated at cocktail parties so get yourself some of that too.

Now we come to the mixers for the cocktail drinks. Fresh juices such as lime juice, orange squash, and the likes are always good to have around for the flavor. Apart from that there arte the aerated drinks such as colas and soda. You would also do well to stock up some ginger ale and sparkling water too.

Keep some ice cubes as well as some crushed ice for those who would like to add some to their drinks and you are set to go. But wait a minute, what is a cocktail party without any snacks?

Right then, the snacks can be simple stuff or complicated servings for your guests. Most cocktail parties are incomplete without the savories. Some roasted groundnuts flavored with some salt and pepper or fried fish with some French fries make a good accompaniment. My personal experience is that when a few drinks are down the gullet the guests begin to feel a bit hungry. Ok then bring out he boiled eggs sprinkled with some coarse pepper and salt and some chilly sauce perhaps. If you are not hosting a dinner after the party this should send your guests away feeling satisfied.

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