Holiday Gift

Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you have a great guy in your life and you are looking to buy a gift for him? Whether it is your dad, boyfriend or brother, it always feels good to say thank you for the things they do. A great way to show appreciation is with a great pair of jeans. If you pay attention to the man, you have probably noticed that he could use a new pair. Well, do him a favor and get them for him.

Bootleg Pants

There are several styles of jeans to choose from and your decision depends on the type of man. Bootleg pants are great for everyone. They are straight down to about mid-calf and then they flare slightly. They are made for those who often wear boots or chunkier shoes. Of course, they also offer a more casual appearance. If your man is more the jeans on the weekend type of guy, these are great for him.

Avoid Flare Pants & Bell Bottoms

Do not buy flare cut. They are uncommon in men’s style but just in case you see a pair, stay away from them. They are narrow through the leg and flare down the leg. The flare is slight but large enough to look feminine.

Bell bottoms are also another no-no. Unless the man in your life is retro or a clubber and will appreciate the bell, avoid the throwback. It is a sign of age and no one wants to be considered old or out of style.

Straight Legs Are Stylish

Straight leg pants are great for men. They are straight through the leg and allow for ultimate maneuverability. They are great for causal or dressier jeans and will compliment any body type. If your special man works in construction or outside, carpenter pants are also great. They feature more pockets which allows for more storage.

Try Different Shades of Blue

You can also try different colors and fades to make his jean collection more versatile. If he needs a more formal jean, colored stitches coordinating with the top makes a great look. Fading through the leg is trendier and can make an older man look younger, and more stylish. A very dark rinse is always appropriate and fits well into any wardrobe. Either way, jeans are a wonderful gift. He will be able to wear them with his blazers and dress shoes as well with a sweatshirt and sneakers.