Herbal Skin Care Tips For Men

Herbal Skin Care Tips For Men

Herbal Skin Care Tips For Men A lot of men nowadays, care for their skin and body just like women do and use various kinds of products to make their skin fresh, healthy and young looking. Men are realizing the importance of herbs in their skin care regime with the incline towards the use of natural products instead of artificial ones.

Shaving on a daily basis does away with the protective layers of our skin along with the facial hair which results in the ingredients of shaving products entering into our skin much more easily and cause harm to our body. In order to keep the newly exposed skin safe, disinfected and clean, herbal skin care products are now being used by many men.

Herbal skin care for men means using such herbs which not only suits the man’s skin but also has a manly smell attached to it. Scents which have a spicy, woody and outdoor kind of a smell are generally preferred by men and this is best offered by herbs as they are absolutely natural to use having the various smells of nature embedded in them.

Herbs are very good for a man’s skin as he is exposed under the sun the whole day, has long and strenuous working hours and does most of the difficult jobs around us. This makes him more in need of an herbal treatment and skin care. Herbs give strength to your skin, make it firm and keep your skin cells healthy.

Herbal Skin Care Tips For Men


The flowers of this herb have a daisy like appearance and are known for its quality of helping an individual to sleep peacefully. Many people drink chamomile tea at night just before hitting the bed. Being an immensely popular herb, chamomile is very good for the skin.


It has a compound called alpha-bisobolol which helps to reduce the wrinkles on your face, making you look younger and healthier. The skin cells receive protection from this herb as it has amazing antioxidant properties.

Preparations based on Chamomile are easily available in the market. If you are unable to find one, just make a cup of this herbal tea and use it as a face wash every day. The tea bags of this herb can be applied onto any part of the skin after being dipped into warm water.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is available in a refreshing liquid form which is distilled from its bark and the leaves of this herbal plant’s shrubs. Splash this lotion on your face every day after cleaning it with a face wash for very soft and smooth skin.

Witch hazel is also used as an after shave lotion to brace the skin and many people put in a teaspoon of this liquid in their bathing water. The reason for using it is that this herb is an astringent which makes our skin tight and firm. It also makes your skin glow. It is very inexpensive and one bottle of witch craft will last you months as a very little quantity is required in one wash.

Dragon’s Blood

This herb is used as a first aid herb in many cases. It originated in the Amazon rainforests and with the latex being red in color, this herb is used extensively to treat burns, cuts, stings, bites and all types of infections on the skin.

Dragon’s Blood

The reason for this is that the latex of this herb is quite rich in taspine which is an alkaloid. This alkaloid possesses amazing healing powers and is capable of fighting various types of bacteria and viruses.

If it is applied onto the skin directly, it forms a thin protective layer on the skin and does not let anything harm the skin. Wash your face with this herb once every alternate day to protect your skin against germs. One bottle last for a really long time and is easily available everywhere.

Tamanu Oil

Being tropical nut oil, it originates from the Pacific Islands and has good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help to protect the skin cells to a great extent and are very beneficial to sensitive skin.

They cure burns of all kinds. The reason why this herb is considered to be one of the best herbs for the skin is that it helps the formation of new skin tissues which are very healthy. Men who have a lot of pimples should use this herb every day as it is very effective in killing pimples and heals the skin quickly later on.

Applying just a little bit of this oil will give way to healthy looking and smooth skin. Men who engage themselves in such kind of a work which results in lots of cuts and abrasions should carry this oil with them at all times as applying a little bit of this oil will help treat the skin immediately.

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Mint is one of the few herbs which have such properties which can clean your skin thoroughly and remove all the dirt and germs from it. Men who do not wish to use many types of products on their face, especially the ones containing chemicals should opt for this herb.


Leaves of this herb are crushed and dried under the skin and then a paste is made by mixing some milk and turmeric to it. Apply this paste on your face for a minimum of 15 minutes and wash with cold water. It deep cleans the skin and frees your skin’s pores from all the toxic deposits which hamper the normal functioning of the follicles of the skin. It is very gentle on the skin yet tough on germs.

Flower Extracts and Rosemary

The extracts of rose flower are mixed with rosemary oil to get a skin tonic which helps to soothe the skin and makes it feel refreshed. This skin tonic should be used twice every week. Rose flowers also help us to restore the acid mantle which is found in our skin. The dead skin cells in our body are replaced with new and healthy cells with the help of rosemary oil. Orange flower extracts are used by many men to give way to younger looking skin when applied on a daily basis.