Heat Stress Symptoms And Solutions


heat-stress With the onset of summer, it is important to understand the problems related to working in hot weather. This is really for those people who have to work in areas that have other than the normal heat of the day and have to deal with additional heat from furnaces, boiler rooms etc. it is important for such people to take adequate precautions or else they could cause themselves serious damage.

Every year when summer comes along we hear of stories of people who have suffered heat exhaustion. This clearly means that rudiment measures were not adhered to by the individual in question. Sometimes, it is just social pressure which causes these occurrences as people are compelled to work for their livelihood. Under normal conditions if you are healthy and take simple precautions, there should be no problem at all. But if you are older let us say, or have been unwell and are on medication, then to have to go and work in conditions that are fuelled by extra heat like a boiler room can lead to serious health issues.

For those of you working in areas that expose you to additional heat other than normal weather temperature, you would be well advised that you get yourself medically checked. This will give you a fair and clear idea if your body is capable to take on the rigors of such work. In the event that you do not, it could cause irreversible damage to your health. So please do not take the matter lightly.

As a young strong individual, one can take on extreme conditions and still come out ok as the body is capable of taking a harsh beating. This is not the case when you cross 30 and are not physically in shape. So all of you over the 30 year mark you either should have the fitness to be able to take on such work or it would be strongly advised that you have a doctor check out your vital systems to ensure that your body can take n extreme conditions.

One of the most serious heat related disorders is heat stroke. This is a simple case of the body’s inability to be able to control its own temperature. The body’s temperature rises swiftly as the sweating mechanism collapses. You should listen to your body and never let yourself into such a condition.

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