Healthy Sex Life Cures Health Problems

Healthy Sex Life Cures Health Problems

Healthy Sex Life Cures Health Problems Sex becomes an important part of out life as we grow up and reach adulthood. Arousal of sexual urge, necessity of masturbation and libido are the very natural phenomena characterizing a human nature.

It is not only the humans who have sexual desires, but every animal in the animal kingdom has the similar desire. Thus, a person who does not have the sexual urge even after attaining a particular age is identified as having some problems.

Sex can be advantageous for the body

So far we only know that sex is a sigh of manhood or womanhood. It is an obvious occurrence in a particular age and in presence of the opposite gender, in general. It not only provides mental and physical satisfaction and is not only an effective machinery to express love, but it also has something more to offer.

The most amusing thing to know about sex is that it is advantageous for our whole body as well as the proper functioning of the various organs within our body. Let us discuss some of the very important advantages of sex.

An excellent stress buster and psychological healer

Researches have shown that sex works as a great healer for psychological problems as well as reduce stress. It has also been found that the body releases a special kind of feel-good hormone known as endorphin that relieves stress.

There are couples who find themselves too tired at the end of the day after a laborious day. They are so exhausted that they loose their interest to be active in bed. This becomes a regular practice and sex life vanishes from their relationship. A good piece of advice for them is to instigate themselves as well as their partners to be hot in bed.

This would erase out your stress and make you refreshed and energetic once again to face the next laborious day as well. The rising and falling breathing pattern during the process of sex fetches in more oxygen into the body and the blood to provide instant enthusiasm.

Aids the body to fight against diseases and boosts up immunity

Sex acts as an excellent catalyst that enhances the immunity power in the individuals. An increased immunity system makes the body more powerful against the attack of external infections and susceptibility to several diseases.

It is very interesting to know that during the process of love making the body produces an antibody known as immunoglobulin, which acts as a natural barrier against infections and germs as well as factors that cause diseases. Hence, it have been advocated that people who indulge in love making more than twice a week and, on an average, more healthy than others who have decreased sex life.

An excellent exercise to fight obesity

Obesity and weight gain is a great menace for today’s generation. It brings forth a lot of other diseases as well. So, people today go to regular swimming clubs, aerobics classes, indulge in brisk walks and do several other forms of exercise to keep body weight under control.

They also take special care to have a check on the fat and calorie intake in their diet so that there is no accumulation of unwanted fat in the body.

Studies in this regard have shown that a love making process burns as much as 45 calories in a go when the couple gets engaged in concentrated sex for about half an hour, which can include foreplay and well as the ultimate act. The logic behind this is that during the process the amount of work performed by the body almost doubles and thus it acts as calorie burner.

Sex is a great cure for hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a serious lifestyle disease in today’s time. It mostly affects the youth since they survive in a professional and personal world that is filled with stress, tension and anxiety. The doctors advice that the patients of hypertension must try to relieve their stress and anxiety and perform regular exercises to control their body weight.

This way they can curb the ill effects of high blood pressure. Thus love making can be regarded as the all in one exercise for them, by means of which they cam have control over their increasing body weight, and also fight out stress and tension.

An effective cure for cardiac problems

Another lifestyle disease in the recent times is cardiac problems. Every third person we come across suffers from one or the other form of heart disease. Sex is an effective way to have a check on heart problems. Mild and moderate sex is very beneficial for heart patients as it increases the flow of blood across the veins and arteries and toes in cutting down the cholesterol deposit in the artery.

During the occasion of love making there is the entrance of a larger amount of fresh oxygen owing to the repeated and enhanced nature of inhalation and exhalation. This oxygen enters the body and mixed up with the blood, which is then flowed to the heart and the heart gets benefited. Though there is a popular idea that sex among cardiac patients is detrimental to their health, modern science has thus, proved that it is a mere myth.

An excellent remedy for prostrate cancer

Prostrate cancer is a disease that affects most of the males in their older ages. Sex has proved to be a great remedy in curing this menace too. Researches have shown that those who have an active sex life have diminished chances of getting affected by this cancer.

The logic behind this is that sex is undoubtedly a great exercise of the whole body, specially the lower abdomen and adjoining areas. This, when done regularly, will keep the prostrate glands fit and healthy and hence, they will be less vulnerable to this disease.

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