Have Intense Sex with Your Wife

Intense Sex

Contrary to popular belief, sex with the wife doesn’t have to die a natural death. It is very possible to have intense sex with your wife. The secret is to get to know what is called a woman’s sex pattern. This pattern is determined by a woman’s monthly hormone cycle. If this can be determined beforehand, a man can know when she will want to have sex.

Do you ever get curious about the workings of a woman in terms of what puts her in a good or foul mood and why the moods vary so much?

The truth is that women are quite predictable and a man can learn to accurately read a woman’s mood. The key factor to keep in mind is that women’s moods are largely determined by the state of their hormones, and this determines whether she would be responsive to sexual advances or not. Getting it right with her depends on understanding this pattern.

Women’s sexual moods rise and fall depending on which part of the cycle they are on. Their interest in primal sex is high a few days before ovulation takes place. They are also keen on fantasy or imaginative sex and will even be open to looking at erotic viewing or reading material. One sign is that you will find her strutting around in next to nothing and wanting to get into lacy, sexy lingerie rather than plain white panties and bras.

Understanding the indicators of which mood she is in will make it easy to have her fulfill your fantasies, as well as hers. Take her cue when you see the signs of high sexual interest and suggest or set up some role playing or new sexual experiences. Take note of a dip in this interest and slow down and taper down to soft music, candles and easy, relaxed romance, keeping the toys and brash ideas away until the next cycle is on high again.

A man needs to keenly take note of his wife’s cycle and approach her accordingly. Then he will know when she wants nothing dramatic and when she wants to really heat things up. The different moods will appear and disappear in a set pattern that a man only needs to track and interpret. Doing so for about two or three months will unravel the secret to when she’s hot and not in a predictable, set pattern.