Handling multiple girlfriends and more


Let’s put it like this guys, variety is the spice of life. So, when it comes to women, obviously exception is not the name of the game for us. Before you go into this business of handling multiple girlfriends at a time, it is advisable to focus on the point for doing that. Ask yourself some basic questions, do you really want to get into this risky game? If so, then why? Is it going to take you anywhere? Is it wise or worth? So, foremost give yourself the simple answers to these questions and then head on. Above all guys need to study the opposite sex’s psyche properly while eyeing for multiple girlfriends.

Having ample of time in hand
There are the pros and cons when you want to manage more than one or two girls at a time. Count on that before you want to be into it. Relationships can be pretty time consuming and to handle more than one may drive you crazy. The money factor also needs to be considered. If you really want to spend time with more than one girl, just be candid about it form the beginning and be a good time manager. Let her know that you are not into any kind of serious bindings and maintain your easy way out from the beginning. Make sure that you are clear about not being committed to one girl and being honest may at least save you from having a bad name.

Stay casual
There is nothing wrong in casual dating but it can be a wise decision to make it clear to your partner that you can’t ensure a long term relationship in all cases. You don’t know what she is up to; it may sprout revenge in many girls though it’s not a taboo anymore for them nowadays. But playing safe is always remaining in the safer side. As you are independent, busy, unavailable, it may seem interesting and wanted from the women’s viewpoint. It also gives you a fair chance to study women better and escape through different manipulative ways. And finally, you can easily walk out of a relationship anytime as per your freewill and without any hassles.