Hair Restoration Options For Men

Hair Restoration Options For Men

Hair Restoration Options For Men Hair loss has become a common problem amongst people all over the world and they resort to all types of treatments and methods to cure this problem and get back their lost hair. Studies reveal that more than 80 percent of men suffer from some degree of baldness by the time they reach thirty-five years of age.

What happens is that the hair near the temples of our head start disappearing first after which thinning of the hair is noticed. Then, wider hair loss is seen which makes the scalp more and more visible with every passing day. This kind of a hair loss can lead to depression and emotional stress in many men, also making them lack confidence in themselves.

Hair restoration is the process by which the lost hair is restored back on the scalp using various means. This restoration ensures that the hair which grows back stays on the scalp permanently and helps a person to get back his previous looks. People who face hair loss generally opt for various types of treatment regimes depending upon the severity of their loss.

If these methods are not satisfactory, then he may opt for hair transplants as the last resort. There are certain causes which may lead to hair loss in a person. People who are anemic, suffer from thyroid, have scalp infection which contain fungus and take too much stress and tension are more prone to face hair loss from an early stage in life.

Thus it is recommended to own a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and possess good eating habits from the beginning so that you do not fall prey to these diseases easily.

Hair Restoration Treatments


Certain medications have been proven to be of great help in restoring hair on a man’s scalp. Finasteride is the most common and popular medicine which prevents hair follicles to shrink by slowing down or even reversing the process of hair follicles becoming miniature in size. These miniature hair follicles are the main reason for baldness. A tablet should be eaten every day to help restore hair.

Hair Restoration Options

Minoxidil is another medicine which controls hair loss and restores hair. The theory behind it is that it dilates the blood vessels in our scalp making our hair grow thicker in volume and longer in size. This medicine is also capable of giving way to new growth of hair in some people. This tablet should be eaten twice every day, in the mornings and evenings.

Growth Stimulating Products

Growth stimulating products Tricomin and Rogaine foam have a good and bad side to them. Though they help to create new hair growth on our scalp, they are unable to stop the problem of hair fall.

Using these products will help you get new hair on your scalp but the old ones will continue to fall as they used to, resulting in very little actual growth of hair on the scalp. It is advisable to take medicines like finasteride on a daily basis along with these products so that new hair is formed and the old one is prevented from falling.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment has helped many men across the globe to grow back their lost hair and maintain it. Low levels of this therapy help to give energy to the cells in our hair which in turn makes the hair follicles to shift from its resting phase to its growing one.

Hair Restoration

3 sessions of laser treatments should be taken every week with each session lasting for a maximum of 15 minutes. This treatment takes at least 3 to 4 months to show its effects.


Topical Spironolactone lotion is the best antiandrogen which is available in the market. It helps to prevent the scalp from becoming sensitive as this gives rise to an itching and tingling feeling in the scalp. It is very important to control this sensitivity and relax the scalp if a person wishes to prevent hair loss from taking place.

They do not let this sensation reach the hair follicles thus making our scalp itch-free. They can be used in combination with medications and growth stimulants for hair restoration purposes.

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Anti- Inflammatory Products

Products like Nizoral shampoo and Folligen help to reduce the inflammation, redness and itching which is caused due to hormonal changes in our body and scalp.

Nizoral shampoo

They also help to reduce flakes. No matter how many treatments you opt for, if you do not add an anti-inflammatory product to your whole regime, the results will not be as effective as they should be. It should be used twice every week. Apply it for a minimum of 15 minutes, scrub well and then rinse it off.

Natural Treatment

Caffeine has been proved to be quite effective in reducing hair loss and should be taken in little quantities every day. It is effective, because there is a hormone in our body that damages follicles and this hormone is decreased by caffeine. You should brush your hair very gently and avoid using too much heat treatment on your hair. This too will help to reduce hair loss significantly.

As our hair is made of the protein keratin, you should eat food items which are rich in protein as hair needs protein to grow. Vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, pea and soybean should be included in our diet as they are an excellent source of Vitamin B6 and folate which help to reduce baldness and encourage growth of hair on our scalp.


Consuming rosemary tea on a daily basis will help to combat hair loss and also provide the much needed nourishment to hair follicles.


Other herbs which are effective in hair restoration are Echinacea and equisetum arvense. It is good to take the opinion of an herbalist and consume these herbs in either tea or powder form.


Homeopathic medicines are very helpful in restoring hair on your hair and reducing loss of hair. You should visit a homeopathic doctor who will be able to give you a proper diagnosis of the problem and come up with a unique treatment regime for you.