Hair Loss Treatment Options To Choose From


By the time most men reach the age of 50, they would have already experienced some degree of hair loss or Alopecia. Even though it is not harmful in any way, Alopecia at a relatively early age can affect a man’s self-esteem and overall confidence.

However, with the variety of specific treatments available today, a man can begin to treat hair loss and regain some of the hair he once proudly possessed.

What is The Cause of Alopecia or Hair Loss?
If our father was bald then we too have a high possibility of being bald ourselves. Just as we tend to inherit qualities such as height or color of hair, so too can we inherit the tendency to go bald. There are other causes of baldness however, and these can include such factors as bad nutrition, stress, and the effects of illnesses such as cancer, STDs, as well as kidney or liver damage.

Treatment of Alopecia
There are a variety of treatments available for hair loss. These can include surgery, undergoing a course of medical treatment, or opting for the use of natural supplements.

Surgery Against Alopecia
One of the most popular methods of treating Alopecia is tissue expansion. The basic idea behind tissue expansion is to expand the skin over a period of time and then transplanting a section of skin containing active hair follicles to the bald spot. Tiny balloons are implanted under the skin and then inflated.

Over a period of time the skin being treated expands. The excess will then be removed and placed over the scalp. A similar procedure is known as Scalp Reduction, whereby a section of the bald scalp is removed and the adjacent scalp with active hair follicles is stretched until it covers the part of scalp that was removed.

Medication against Alopecia
One of the most widely known treatments for Alopecia is Minoxidil. This medication was originally used to treat high blood pressure but then it was discovered that it also increased hair growth.

It is applied topically over the bald spot. Its effects are not permanent, however, and the scalp returns to normal within 60 days after the medication is discontinued. Finasteride is another medication used against Alopecia.

Originally approved for use against Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BHP), it was later approved to treat Alopecia under the brand name Propecia. Like Minoxidil, it is applied on the scalp in solution form.

Treating Alopecia Naturally
Natural treatments against Alopecia include the use of herbs and pills that are effective against hair loss, irrespective of whether the Alopecia is due to heredity or to illness or to too much stress. Care should always be taken in the use of herbs and pills because these can lead to different reactions in different people.