Hair Loss Myths


Hair today and gone tomorrow is one of the biggest of male woes, especially with a good head of hair being equated with sexual health and fertility, not to mention an attractive overall appearance that is appealing to the opposite sex!

However, what many men don’t seem to realize is that the stories they’ve heard about causes of hair loss are sometimes nothing more than just that and failing to judge scientific facts from old wives, they tend to worry unnecessarily, leading to anxiety, which is a chief and established reason for hair loss.

In this feature therefore, we attempt at addressing some of the major hair loss fears and differentiate fact from fiction, hoping men-folk out there will rest easy knowing they too, can, separate the myths from reality as far as hair loss is concerned.

For some guys, looking at their father’s bald pate is enough to get the fear of God in them regarding their own condition a few years down the line; this may be a valid enough reason to worry over hair loss if it is actually a genetic feature (check out pics of grand-dad, uncles and cousins to make sure it runs in the family). Yes, this does mean the old myth about hair loss coming down from the mother’s side is a lot of bunk!

However, loss of hair or bald spots at a young age, even for men in their twenties and early thirties can be devastating and cause psychological damage if it is not counselled and taken in a healthy manner. You need to understand that some hair loss is natural as a daily growth and renewal routine just as your skin ages and refreshes itself; some part of it can be due to environmental pollution, using harsh chemicals on your hair, frequent styling and rough grooming methods besides of course, poor diet and nutritional disadvantages a man may be suffering from.

But, to think that hair loss can be caused due to lack of sexual activity or even because of sleeping in a certain way or even due to wearing hats and tight caps are nothing more than urban legends – just as standing on your head won’t grow new hair or cutting it won’t make it grow back thicker. So, don’t lose any more sleep – or hair – over such myths!

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