Hair loss does not have to be a fact of life


Are you at a loss because of your recent baldness and losing your sleep over it? If so you must know that you are living in the 21st century and things have always turned for better through ages. Evolution has paved way for a large number of issues that were not sought after in early times. Science made everything possible and a lot easier.

If you suffer from baldness, blame your genes coz’ it’s in your blood. It affects 50% to 80% male and other internal as well as external factors can also cause hair fall. Usage of chemicals, colors can cause hair fall. But main reason for this menace is heredity. You may get affected from your mother or father. Dandruff is a major reason for hair loss as well as mental stress.

Hormonal changes as well as someone going through chemotherapy or undergone any surgery may suffer hair loss. But in recent times you can put up with it without getting on your nerves. Hair transplantation can fix up your problem. Several ayurvedic treatments can cure it if has occurred due to some temporary reasons and not due to your inheritance from your ancestors. It can be due to vitamin B deficiency or due to deficiency of zinc and some minerals in your daily diet. Other than permanent hair loss, you can always head for a professional advice and fix up with it. Hormonal imbalance, infectious diseases, ageing and nervous disorders are primary factors of temporary hair loss.

Consulting a physician and going through medication can help you out. If you don’t get it from your parents, just go for the proper medications and wipe off your worries. Modern science would really help you out and in no time you would feel like twenty again. Make it a point that hair loss has nothing to do with you really. Just be yourself and make out the most of your life as long as you have this beautiful gift of God, “Life”.

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