Guide to Disneyland California


Disneyland consists of numerous entertaining activities one can choose from. In order to visit the various venues one needs to come up with a daily plan on what to see and where to eat. It would therefore be necessary for one to be knowledgeable about the park.

When you look at the fire house, specifically on the upstairs window you will notice that there is always a light that is never switched off, this is in honor of Walt Disney the founder of the park. When the park was being constructed his private apartment was on the upper floor.

Windows above main street businesses have painted names of animators and park officials from the early days of the park.If you are looking for great place to eat, go to plaza inn. It was also said to be Walt’s favorite.

A visit to tomorrowland has clues set out for you to find hidden Mickey’s. For the star tours, always listen to the intercom announcement for clues to George Lucas early career.

A ghost is said to occupy the third lift of Space Mountain just before the downward ride of this roller coaster. When you visit fantasyland you will come across snow white secret Grotto. A visit to the wonderful space of quiet solitude right next to sleeping beauty castle is a must, since you will get to hear snow white sing and also make a wish at the wishing well.

Make sure to take your children for the sword in the stone ceremony into front of King Arthur’s carousel, where a child is crowned ruler of the magic kingdom and issued a medallion with a scroll.

Matterhorn Bobsled is a must visit, since it is the only mountain that contains a half court size basket ball floor.Always make time for the jungle cruise ride, and get to laugh at the tour guides jokes.A visit to the New Orleans square has a lot in store for you. You get to visit the Haunted mansion and as tradition one has to say hello to the floating candle.

Walt created a private park exclusively for park sponsors known as club 33, which is located above the pirates of the Caribbean and the shops of the New Orleans square.

One cannot be a true Disney fan if they have not sailed aboard Mark Twain paddleboat. You can approach any crew member in case you want to sail the boat. They will then speak to the captain who will give you the go ahead. Once you end the journey you are issued with a certificate showing you piloted the Mark Twain.