Growing Anthuriums in Your Garden


Anthuriums are those kinds of plant that can survive in adverse conditions. They are easy to grow and have capability to stay alive like indoor foliage plants for remarkable time period. They are available in several colors like orange, purple, red, pink, green, peach etc. Some of the varieties of anthuriums have two or more colors in blended and speckled manner which give resemblance that someone have thrown the paint on them. Anthuriums are also having different shape like cupped, heart shape, flat, tear drop and some with upright stand. As anthuriums are counted as durable plants, therefore they can adore the garden for long time after blossoming.

The life of anthuriums flowers is about 2 months. Well draining soil is best for anthuriums to thrive properly. The soil with combination of coconut, fern fiber, cinder, bark, charcoal, husks, saw dust, nut shells, rocks and dirt is mainly used for growing anthuriums. The most suitable temperature for growing anthuriums is 78-90F in day and 70-75F in night.

The best flowering and growth of anthuriums depends on several factors that include fertilizer, light levels and potting medium as most significant among other factors. Anthuriums are epiphytic in nature and thus require well-aerated mixes of soil with sufficient moisture.

There are four methods for growing anthuriums and they are Tissue culture, Reproduction, Seeds and Fertilization. Anthuriums can grow on variety of soil that ranges from heavy clays to sandy loams. The soil with high organic contents, good drainage and water retention potential is appropriate for them. In order to prevent stems and roots from rotting, well-drained soil is must.
For proper care of anthuriums, remove unsightly dead faded and foliage or brown flowers. Anthuriums require high light for better growth but avoid them from direct sunlight. Keep fertilizing the plants in regular intervals of time. Avoid anthuriums from draughts as well as strong fluctuations of temperature. Anthuriums require extra care in winters, so that its flowers can blossom again in following season.
Anthuriums favor shade area to grow well. Mostly the plantation of these plants prefers to be done in shaded areas. The houses with shades are the usual place for anthuriums while they can also grow under the shade of other trees. The ground area as well as pots both is good to grow them equally.
So, have your garden with the range of anthuriums colorful and stylish effects.