Give Her A Killer Of An Orgasm


Men are weaklings. They roar like a lion, only to find that they perform very poorly in bed, when the girl wants more of it. Is it that difficult to make a girl experience an orgasm which she wouldn’t forget? It shouldn’t be! You can try tonight and give her the lifetime’s orgasm. Whatever you think of yourself, you can satisfy her by bringing her to a pulsating orgasm. 

To achieve this, you should know that a girl’s body is different from that of a man. A male can achieve orgasm in just a matter of few seconds  the roar of a lion becomes a whimper!  It takes longer for women to achieve this. Patience works, otherwise you will be frustrated. Take your time and patiently work on her body. `

Touch her, but gently and slowly. Though you may be rough in having intercourse with her, there is some violence built into the very act, before indulging in it, touch her, lick her in all the right places and rouse her. Your gentle handling will arouse her. Sex is a marathon race, it isn’t a sprint and you will have to go on for a long time with her.

Come down to basics. Clitoris is the place which excites her when you touch; and if you use your tongue there, imagine what will be her state. Oral sex is not dirty, take out those feeling from your mind. In fact oral sex might give her a killer of an orgasm because your tongue is gentler than penis there. Work her up and you will see her responding.

Even as she is about to achieve the orgasm when you are handling her clit, withdraw, and get into the act. Slowly, gently and when she wants it more forcefully, keep up your gentle strokes. You will see her pleading for more force and when you apply force, she will come. It will be an orgasm which she would never forget and you would have the satisfaction of having satiated her.

Try these tonight, and see her pulsating with orgasm – may be two or three, making her dumb. You have proved your manhood.