Gift Ideas for Men: Jewelry


Are you thinking of getting the man in your life a piece of jewelry as a gift? Men’s jewelry has gained in popularity over the last few years. With male celebrities wearing outrageous pieces on the red carpet, men everywhere have caught on to the trend.  If you want to help the man in your life to keep up, here are a few tips.


Earrings are popular among men; if you are shopping for a younger man he may have his ear pierced. The things to remember in purchasing his earrings are that men usually wear a very thin, small hoop or a small stud. The stud can be gold, silver or diamond. Men usually do not wear more than one earring so give the other as a backup. Unless the special man in your life is actually a rock star, do not make the diamond more than 1 carat, anything else is too flashy and feminine.


Men look great in chain necklaces. A nice gold or silver chain makes a man look sophisticated and chic. If you are shopping for an older man and trying to assist him in updating his look, here are few tips. He should not wear multiple necklaces. Only women should wear more than two necklaces. A man’s jewelry should be an accessory to his outfit, not a statement itself. Keep the necklace slim to medium in thickness. It should come just below the collar of his shirt.


Metal chain bracelets are an acceptable jewelry for men. Make sure it does not dangle. Men’s bracelets should fit snugly around the wrist.  Once again he should never wear  more than one at a time, not even one on each wrist.  If he has a bracelet already, then buy something different so that he will have options.


A quality watch is always a wonderful gift idea for a man. If you know that your man is still wearing the same watch he has had since college, it is time for an upgrade. A man’s watch is a part of his trademark and speaks about the kind of man that he is. If he is still wearing a plastic, going digital can help him to become a better man. There are great options, varying in price and style.


A younger man may want jewelry made of hemp or beads. If you know that is his style, then pick something like this. But if you have never seen him wear colored beads, then you can probably assume that he does not want to.