Get Rid of Sleep Disorder

sleep disorder

Sleeping is a most important activity to make our life happy. Absence of which makes life miserable. In modern world our life is full of stress, excessive tiredness, tension etc. These are the obstacles of deep or healthy sleep.

A adult person need at least 7-8 hours sleep every day. If we do not get sufficient hours sleep, then that affects our health. It can cause poor immune system, concentration problem and even it can be the cause of the accident during driving. So good sleep is must in our life.

Here are some home remedies which you can try and get rid of the sleeping problem :

Proper environment:
make sure that there is no noise which can disturb you. Keep your mobile in silent mode during sleeping time. If there are noise outside which can disturb you then shut the windows. Use ear plugs if it bothers you. Turn the light off in your bedroom or use eye mask.

Relax your mind: listen some relaxing – sleeping music or read some magazine to relax your mind. But never watch television / computer, because its sound and light stimulate your nervous system and becomes a obstacle for sleep.

Sleep-Wake cycle: make a routine, every day go to bed and wake up in a particular time. That makes a particular sleep-wake cycle which helps to prevent sleeping problem.

Sleep Properly: clean your bed regularly. Choose right mattress and pillow which suits you. Try to wear only comfortable nightwear. Spray your favorite room freshener or light scented candle before sleep.

Food habit:
try to avoid extra fat. It is difficult to digest. Never drink coffee and alcohol or smoke before bed time, because it works as a stimulant. Try a glass of warm milk, chamomile tea, banana, peanut butter, low fat yogurt, whole grains etc to get a good sleep. Eat some bed time snack, it helps to get a sufficient sleep.

Regular exercise: we all know exercise is good for health and it is good for our sleep too. 30Minutes of brisk waking /running / free hand exercise can bring a very good sleep.

Warm bath: Taking warm bath is also a good habit. Use bath salt and soda in bath water which help to intoxicate and relax your body from your long day of weariness. The after bath freshness helps you to sink in deep sleep.