Get Promoted Fast


Everyone would love a promotion but only a few lucky guys get to the top; now instead of ruing your luck and cursing them, why not try and get ahead yourself by following proven techniques to get promoted fast! Firstly, you need to understand that even if you’re making the most dedicated efforts for the company, ensure the right people know you and these efforts, meaning get noticed!

If you take on extra work, you score brownie points with not only your manager but also boost your work record as this gets logged in; so you can easily highlight these tasks as interest in growth at the next appraisal or review. Thus, it is important to show off your own value especially when you volunteer extra time or efforts for completing urgent assignments.

You also stand a better chance to get promoted fast if you come arrive and leave late as your actions will speak of your commitment to work for you rather than mere talking would. Even 20 minutes early to office gives a great impression to the supervisor and also gives you a chance to meet any assignment deadlines, if they crop up for the project you are working on and if it involves a team-effort, you get to play the hero and save the day (besides your colleagues’ image, which they will definitely thank you for).

Also, it is important to power-dress for the position you are eyeing: yes, don’t just dress your part, but try to copy how the person who’s seat you want dresses up. Then, follow it as closely as it matches your personality to look the part you want as being well-groomed (looking, smelling and carrying off a certain aura fit for the senior position) is the key to compelling supervisors to think you deserve the higher rank.

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