Get Great Public Speaking Skills


It’s all about conviction when it comes to any kind of public speaking. Be it in the Board room or in giving a speech as the bridegroom. Public speaking demands a certain degree of confidence. That confidence can only come from being grounded in what you want to say. And what does being grounded mean, well it means you know what you want to say. Basically your head needs to be clear.

When things come from your heart there is a certain degree of clarity in it. This clarity is what makes a speech or a discourse easier to deliver. At best people who find it hard to stand up in front of people have been programmed from all kinds of negative remarks people have made of their earlier attempts to speak.

If as growing up we have been chastised as ‘buffoons’ when we are having to talk to gatherings, we just become so conscious of the fact that we just shudder at the challenge to speak. This programming as I call it is like a computer that is fed a program. So in a similar fashion when we are asked to speak publicly we just shut down as we have programmed our minds into believing we are bad speakers.

This perception needs to be changed first. If one needs to make an impromptu speech and there is just no way out of it. Slam the breaks and make a short, short speech. Forget the bad speech maker you allegedly are for just 3 min, clear your head and forget every ones looking at you and say those few but necessary words. The key issue here is short. Now lets look at a longer speech one may need to make but the jelly legs of yours just put the butterflies in your pants/skirts or whatever.

Write it down. Go over it word one word at a time. Writing is all about rewriting as the famous Gore Vidal said. So get that pen and write it down. Read it once again the next day and touch it up here and there. Sweat over it in your thoughts for another 24hours and cut add as you wish. Before long you will have a document in front of you that you will be proud of I can assure you.

Lastly, when it comes to delivery never fear, fear itself by thinking you will forget. Just read it. All you need to be is clear in your voice now, that’s all.

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