Germ Alert


If you’d like to put things in perspective when people around you that you privately consider to be ‘hypochondriacs’ or ‘super obsessive’ or even ‘cleanliness freaks’ scream a ‘Germ Alert,’ then this article’s definitely going to be an eye-opener for you! That’s because it is an established scientific fact that there are nearly 5 nonillion (5 multiplied by 10 raised to the power of 30) bacteria alive and kicking on the face of the Earth even as you read this!

Yes, it is horrifying but true that these same bacteria make up for most of the Earth’s biomass, much more so than us as humans or plant-life could ever aspire to be. Now, isn’t that shocking? So doesn’t that make you want to reach out for those gas masks, anti-contamination kits and germ sprays now?

Yeah, we thought so! That’s why we’ve got the most common areas for picking up germs covered for you right here – so you can read about these and protect yourself with the best solutions for each type of situation.

Beginning with your friendly neighbourhood health club, where sweat pants, sneakers and grimy gym bags are stored next to stranger’s equipment about whose cleanliness factor you’d know zilch about, take care to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and hot water after exposure to gym equipment used by other members, especially weight lifting equipment (that causes more sweat to pour onto them) and other types of aerobic equipment.

If possible, wear gloves when handling heavy-use gym equipment as these hold high risk for viral transmission being frequently shared by many members and do remember not to touch your face after using shared exercise equipment, until you’ve vigorously washed your hands.

Another overlooked area of germ alert is the everyday shopping cart, which undergoes a lot of handling by the public about whose levels of personal hygiene you can’t always be certain of. Diapered infants seated near the handles of these carts are often the culprits behind contamination with faecal bacteria found on them. You can get rid of germs on grocery store carts by keeping sanitary wipes handy and washing all open food items before using them.

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