Gents Wardrobe Essentials


Most of us remember seeing the Digjam advertisements on telly in the 80’s, followed Dinesh suitings in the early 90’s and blue-eyed Karan Kapoor practically delegating Shekhar Kapoor and Sunil Gavaskar to the back of the room when he sauntered out of the silver screen to sweep a starry eyed girl from the audience at a movie theatre in the Bombay Dyeing advertisement of the late 1990’s.

The drool factor of the latter-day ‘Dream-lover’ paved the way for more stylish wardrobe additions for the common man who also wanted a ‘wow’ factor in his wardrobe and subsequently, all the leading suiting manufacturers took to introducing the exciting, savvy and suave kind of gentleman in their commercials for a class-act.

So, while Pierce Brosnon does a Reid & Taylor and Amitabh Bachchan endorses the oh-so-cool scope of suiting fabric that lends them a certain panache vying with ‘the complete man’ tag of Raymonds, what you need to know in order to appear in their league is how to put out that elegant act together. The one things all of the above have in common is that they represent the best suit fabric companies of the world and for any man hoping to woo the fair lady worth keeping, at least a full 3-piece suit tailored to perfection from one of these manufacturers is a must-have in his wardrobe.

We can’t comment on the effects of the formal three-piece suit being the same as the above mentioned men, but we sure can tell you what else to include in a gentleman’s typical wardrobe before you go wooing (and winning) the lady of your choice for remember, fine feathers make fine birds – and if you are one that looks worth catching, you can bet your boots, you’ll be fighting them off!

With winter around the corner, a good, soft leather pair of these would be a nice addition for your casual wear; otherwise, opt for a pair of black loafers to team up with work-wear as well as Friday casuals. Buy a stylish monotone, winter coat that you can sling over your shoulder for an easy, approachable look; team this with a polo-neck cashmere sweater and Burberry style woollen scarf (check out factory sales for half-price/discounted stuff) to complete the ‘hot in any season’ look!