Gail Porter Hot Or Not?


Personal Life
Gail Porter was born on 23 March, 1971, in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was a studious student. Gail went on to study media in Film School with excellent grades.

In 1990, Gail presented “Fully Booked”. After that she presented a family friendly television programs. Gail posed for a nude picture and after that people urge to vote for her in the FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women Poll. In her autobiography she said that she is totally unaware of the event and she even reported against it. She also presented a three series of “Dead Famous” recently. Gail is now host of the Internet show, “Dotcomedy”, and resides on her own in London’s Soho but cuddles up with her rock star boyfriend, Dan Hipgrave of Toploader.

Sex Appeal
The sex appeal of Gail Porter lies in her innocent image. Her naughty eyes are able to attract more and more man towards her. She is also very open about her sex life.