Future Balding Treatments


If you have noticed locks of hair come lose when you are in the shower or when you comb you hair or even just take off your cap or that, you need not despair. This is a problem experienced by billions of men around the world. Though there seems to be nothing one can do about the problem the future of balding cures has arrived.

The internet and magazines a re choc-a-bloc with horror stories about men who would sell their souls just to get their hair back. There are men who have done everything under the sun, from wearing wigs to trying sprays on their scalps. What these people are groping for in the dark is a cure for their baldness. They have, however been doing just that – groping in the dark.

Scientists have come up with some promising treatments for this widespread infliction on man. The good news is that the future balding treatments that promise to cure baldness is already being tried and tested.

So, what is this miracle cure we are all looking forward to/ It is called ‘hair cloning’. This is a process where the hair follicle is implanted in the scalp where healthy hair follicles are grown. This is also called hair multiplication technique. These reproduced hair follicles are then redistributed in other bald patches of the scalp for further multiplication. This process is carried out in many steps, or sittings, as the therapists call it and before long there will be a thick growth of healthy hair in a matter of months.

Scientists have discovered that the hair follicle duplicates itself like a plant when it is split down the middle. This splitting of hair follicles allows the follicle to take the shape and properties of two separate hair follicles and healthy ones too. Using this process the hair is replicated thousands of times over and over again. It might be a tedious process and an expensive one too, but it beats reaching for the stars in an effort to get back your hair – it is also the only permanent hair restoration procedure available

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