Foreplay – 3 Important Steps


In a sexual encounter, a man and woman expect a release of sexual tension and to be satisfied, but their approach couldn’t be more different.

The sexual wiring of women means that they take longer and require more preparation that a man, which is why they need foreplay and enough of it if they are to be satisfied later. Spending enough time at foreplay is key in satisfying her later on. If you take your time and ensure she’s sufficiently aroused for the main act, the experience will be good for her and she’s likely to initiate it on other occasions.

Many men know the theory of foreplay, but so many don’t spend as much time on it as they should. Sometimes it’s because they don’t really care for the woman and just want to take care of themselves; others are so turned on that they can’t take the time to engage in foreplay.

Erotic material, both magazines, but especially videos, have also influenced men into desiring hard core experiences which don’t allow for tenderness, and expecting their partners to be as tough as the women they see on video who don’t want or expect foreplay.

While that may work for some women, the ordinary woman needs foreplay or she won’t be able to reach the finish line with a satisfied smile on her face.
Getting your woman aroused and ready for you isn’t and shouldn’t be taken to be a chore. It should be pleasurable for her and it should satisfy you to know that you can get her very excited. Try the following to make her hot for you and purring with satisfaction later.

1. Lots of kisses
I have yet to hear of a woman who hates being kissed. They just love it; on the lips, the cheeks, the neck, the shoulders and heading down below. She’ll most likely nuzzle closer to you and kiss you back, and you’ll know that the crescendo is building. Start soft, sweet and slow and lower the kisses as you go. Start by barging into her mouth and starting a tongue fight and the door will soon be slamming shut on you.

2. Roses and candles
In the end, sex is something physical, but for women it starts with and has a lot to do with emotions. Arouse the positive, sexy ones with things that will make her feel special and cared for. Light some scented candles, fill the room with flowers, send her some beforehand or arrive with some, play some mellow music, get a collection of poems and read one to her over candlelight. You’ll have her heart and soul and not too long after, her body too.

3. Rub down
Before you start the other touching that has a mission, touch her in a way that will please and relax her by massaging her. You don’t have to be an expert or turn up at her door with a portable massage table. You can rub her hands and wrist, neck and shoulders, massage her head through her hair and as you lounge after coffee over dinner, rub her feet – that one is always a winner. Later on, use the same rubbing, tender touch.

By the time things are heating up and you are on the last lap, you will have an equally eager partner and one you will cross the finishing line with in a fantastic finish. And chances are that you will also have a running mate who will always be up for another run.