Flat stomach workout


stomach_exercises With the onset of summer, everyone is eager to get into their bathing suits. People try to work out and get back in shape during the season. To achieve this end, there are plenty of magazines and books that promise a “swim suit” ready body in as little as 7 days. These claims are not true.

The body has visceral fats stored around the abdomen and hips. This happens when the body does not burn more calories than it consumes. When food is not burnt into energy, it leaves fat deposits and stores in the body especially along the abdominal area.

Considering the time it has taken to build a large tummy, it will take as much effort to flatten it.

Simply running to the gym will not cut it. The approach to your workout may be wrong. Some people do only crunches; others simply walk on the treadmill.

These individual exercises will not have an overall impact. There are several factors to be considered

First and foremost, watch what you eat – Try to restrict fatty foods. They will immediately deposit themselves in the abdominal area. On the same token starving also will not help.

The body will get tired and will have no energy to workout and be active. A balanced diet and adequate water intake in paramount in reducing fat around the stomach.

An effective exercise plan will have a cardiovascular element, a weight training element and resistance training element. Divide your workout session into 3 parts and plan to exercise at least 5 days a week.

Start with walking on a treadmill. This will be a warm up session for the exercises to follow. This will provide endurance and strengthen the lower abdominal muscles.Walk for 10 minutes at a pace that is challenging.

Follow a treadmill workout with weight training. Weight training will improve strength and will help to burn more fat. It will also build muscle and with regular exercise, these muscles get toned and offer a slim look to the body.

Complete the workout session with resistance training. This type of work out will challenge your abdominal muscle and make them taut and firm. Also, do 15 crunches and 15 reverse crunches to end the session. A regular workout regimen is sure to show you fantastic results.