Five Possible Solutions of Male Hair Loss


Hair loss among men is a growing problem and there are many different possible solutions for the re-growth of lost hair. The most commonly used method is the use of products, which are specially designed for the hair growth. These products show results within few weeks after the first use. However, you must look carefully at these products, before you start using them.

Hair Loss in men can also be controlled by obstructing or eliminating the DHT, which is called dihydrotestosterone. Once DHT is controlled, you are then advised to apply the stimulator on the head, which increases the hair growth. Obstructing the level of DHT can be done in many different ways. Use of propecia or natural solutions is one of these methods, but every method is different from the other.

Propecia Enzyme is used to convert Testosterone into DHT, but the important thing about this method is the unpredictable hair growth. There are many spontaneous side effects as well of using this method of hair growth. It is recommended that you must take the opinion of doctor before using this treatment.

The use of Saw Palmetto also helps to lower the level of DHT. These are called herbal treatments. These herbal treatments make use of many components like B6, B12 and Biotin along with Minoxidil, which is a hair arouser. These herbal treatments are effective in controlling the DHT, which then helps the hair follicles to grow naturally. So the use of Minoxidil is best solution for the problem of Alopecia in men.

According to a normal prescription, you are required to use it twice daily on the areas which are affected by the problem till you live. This clearly indicates that Alopecia in men has no time limit and you will have to use the treatment as long as you live. Also, there are some side effects of this treatment, which includes the loss of palpitation and sex drive.

Some internal prescribed solutions are also available to control the level of DHT. These methods are new, but safe.

Diet is also very important to deal with the problem. If you eat nutritional food, this will help the hair growth in natural way. Eat food which is rich in minerals like Magnesium and Zinc, Folic Acid and Vitamin B.