First Date Mistakes


Making mistakes on the first date is something most men have gained a high level of expertise in, only they don’t know it. They really never get to know where they goofed up and caused their lady companion some displeasure – until of course it comes to asking her out again and she shrugs a decent refusal leaving on with a tingling feeling that something did go wrong on the first date. There are a few things a man must know about the art of delivering displeasure, I say ‘art’ because it is delivered with such preciseness that we don’t get to know it ourselves – until the next time that is.

So, if we men must smarten up and avoid making mistakes on our first date we must avoid making certain bloopers that we seem to take in our stride everyday. Let us begin with that omnipresent and many a times aggravating device called the cell phone. Yes, it is really a piece of equipment that we cannot do without, but answer it while talking to your lady date and she will not think that you are a very important person, No she will regard you as the most insensitive person who gives other people importance over her. Switch it off man before she switches you off.

The second most important thing to do is to concentrate on her and not yourself. Most men like talking about the gym and their exercise routine or their work schedule and important appointments and what not. So, belt up and talk about normal things she likes, and you should try to get to know her interests first! This is definitely a turn on and will work in your favor. So, turn the macho stuff off like a few days before meeting up with her.

Then the most important thing blunders of all – checking out other women! Never, and I mean NEVER, do that. Ogle at some other woman while on your first date and you are inviting disaster – not to mention never getting her to go out with you ever again.

These are the most common mistakes men make on their first date. So ensure that you avoid these (and there is not enough place on the net to write about the rest of them) and you will be quite comfortable and have more chances of getting her to go out with you again.