Fiber Basics


benefits-of-organic-food1 In this article we will talk about dietary fibers. As a special health update we will try to give you all you need to know on this source of food. We will try and highlight for you the importance of the nature of dietary fiber and the many benefits it has for you. Most people tend to ignore the important of dietary fiber in their daily intake of food. Here is the chance to catch up with all the details.

Lona Sandon is the National spokesperson at the American Dietary Association. She says that the dietary fibers are nothing other than the indigestible material in all the plant based food that you are eating. This then includes all the fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grain and any other seed forms that you may be eating.

The proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats as well as the carbohydrates that are part of the fiber in such foods is absorbed by the system, however the fiber itself is not broken down. The fiber on the other hand passes through the body and cleanses the system as it passes thought. In this way it is excellent in eliminate waste products.

Fibers come in two forms. They are soluble fibers and insoluble fibers. Both are of vital importance for our systems. Soluble fibers like pectin as well as gum are found in plant cells. They easily dissolve in water. This accordingly slows the passage of food along the digestive passage. In turn it helps in decreasing the blood cholesterol levels which in turn stabilizes the blood sugar levels. Beans, fruit vegetables are excellent examples of soluble fibers.

There are other fibers which do not dissolve in water and are therefore accordingly called insoluble fibers. Good examples are cellulose, lignin and hemi cellulose. You will find them in whole grains, fruits as well and wheat bran and some vegetables. Insoluble fibers add to the bulk of the stool. This is done by binding with the water there by softening the stool. This in turn helps it to move through the digestive tract more easily.

Oatmeal and beans have both types of fiber in them. They re considered to be very high in fiber content. Bottom line is to try to mix up the fiber content of your food to achieve a balance. A high fiber diet will reduce your digestive problems as well as reduce your cholesterol levels. It is also good with controlling blood sugar.