Feel Good Activities For The Elderly

Feel Good Activities For The Elderly

Feel Good Activities For The Elderly In our daily huff and puff we rarely get to think about the elderly people. They can be our parents, family or the next door neighbor who loved you as a kid. We forget about them in our daily struggle for survival. Yet we must remember that they form a part of our life. We should try to attend to them and give them company even amidst our busy routine. It is not possible to meet them every day, but we should make a point to visit them at least few times in a month.

It does not take much to make them feel better. You can go around their house and arrange some activities for the elderly people. It is easy and does not take much preparation. If you are wondering what kind of activities you should undertake, let the following list help you. These activities may not seem exciting to us, but it will surely make the elderly people feel happy and joyous.

Lend Your Ear To Senior Citizens

Most of the times you will find elderly people in dearth of company. They live alone and don’t have anyone to speak with. You can become the friend of the elderly people. They have a lot to speak but are unable due to unavailability of people. You can listen to their stories and thoughts. It will make them really happy and you may also get to hear some interesting stories.

Make Them Relive Some Good Memory

A day in their old school, the local café where they used to hang out or the park where they first met their spouse- there will be numerous events of the past remembering which will make an elderly person feel good. You should know what will work best for them. An activity for the elderly like this will take them back to their old days. Look out for that rewarding smile on their face which is the result of your efforts.

Help The Elderly Connect To their Friends

Technology has advance so much that tracking down people is not such a big task in today’s world. Try to find some old friends of the elderly person you are visiting. Use social networking websites or dig into the records from the online college alumni. You should at least find one or two friends. Search for people living in the vicinity as old people have difficulties in travelling long distances. Take the friends along when you visit them next. Witness an unfolding saga of tears and joy when you reunite them once more after so many years.

Family Is The Biggest Asset

Staying away from family is the worst thing that can happen to a person. At old age, people miss their family more than anything. Get together all the members of the family on some special occasion. For example, you can invite the whole family on the birthday of the elderly person. Make sure that everyone takes the effort to show their love and care for the aged one. This rare opportunity of getting together with family is bound to remain in their heart for a long time.

These activities for the elderly will earn you love and blessings from those senior citizens. But remember that just arranging occasional activities will not ensure long term wellness for them. The way for that is your love, care and consideration.

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