Facts about Razor Burn


shave Shaving is a necessary evil in most cultures.  In many societies, both men and women are expected to shave various parts of their bodies.  One of the pitfalls of shaving is getting razor burn.

Razor burn is a skin irritation that can be quite uncomfortable.  Razor burn appears in the freshly shaven area in the form of a rash.  This rash can last from several hours to a few days.

Sometimes the affected area will grow welts or bumps.  This condition is called razor bump.  This article discusses the causes and symptoms of razor burn and how to treat it at home.

What causes razor burn?

Razor burn can happen for a variety of reasons.  It could be that the person’s razor is old, dirty or dull.  It can be caused by not lubricating the skin sufficiently prior to shaving.

Many products on the market that make our skin smell good and say that they can provide a good shave are contributors to razor burn.  Stay away from after-shaves and colognes, products made from synthetic dyes, and products that have fragrances, menthol or benzocaine added to them.

When the person shaves, they should not press hard on the skin and remember to shave against the direction that the hair grows.  Try to wait a few days in between shaving before and shaving again.

What are symptoms of razor burn?

The most obvious signs of razor burn are a red rash on the skin and possibly some bumps.  Skin with razor burn will feel irritated and can burn or tingle.  The skin in the affected area may be drier than the rest of the skin.

Home remedies.

The first step for a person to avoid razor burn is to wash and lubricate their face or other body area well before shaving.  After washing the face, apply some avocado or jojoba moisturizer.  There are several ways to treat razor burn with products found in the kitchen.

After shaving, a person should refrain from adding after-shave or cologne and instead gently apply apple cider vinegar.  The aloe vera plant produces a soothing oil that can be applied to the freshly shaven area.

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