Eyebrow Shapes For Men

Eyebrow Shapes For Men

Eyebrow Shapes For Men I know it would raise many eyebrows when I say that there are eyebrow shapes for men as well. These things are not the prerogatives of women any more. Men are also vying for a place in fashion magazines. The latest trends is that of metro-sexual man, which means single young men having huge incomes, working in a city, shopping to hearts content.

It appears this is the person who is the best consumer market of the current decade. No wonder, men are fashion conscious these days. Obviously everyone wants to become somebody who cracks the mirrors. No doubt, eyebrow shaping makes even men’s face look much better. Men also have a number of eyebrow shapes. Given below are some of these shapes.

Different Men’s Eyebrow Shapes


This is probably the best shape which suits men having round faces. This eyebrow shape matches well with chubby faces. It can elevate the beauty of your eyes. For a soft look you should go for shapes with soft angles. If you have a small forehead, this will suit you.


For those who have wide foreheads and eyes, round shape of eyebrows would suit more, however these should match the bones in the front and taper off gently towards the end. This shape can give men an elegant look.

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For long faced men, flat eyebrow shapes are more suitable. In order to make the length of face appear less, you can have flat eyebrows with horizontal lines, which will make your face look oval and short. There is no curve in this style. It will shoot like a straight-line which will make your face look smaller.

Because the male eyebrows are different from women because of thickness, their shapes also will be different. You can certainly look better with a made up eyebrow. After ensuring that the shape suits your face, you can decide to shape the eyebrow. You should go through some men’s fashion magazines to find out how different shapes look on different types of men’s faces. Instead of asking someone whether a particular style looks good on you, you should be the judge.

For round faced men, angular shapes of eyebrows would do good, but for those with foreheads that are flat, eyebrows with a round shape would be better.