Everyday Ways To Lower Blood Pressure


Many people suffering from moderate blood pressure variances incorporate lifestyle changes to include meditation, exercise, diet control and prescription medication. However, taking drugs prescribed by the physician and cutting back on salt isn’t the only way to lower blood pressure.

According to latest scientific research, everyday activities that are simple and compel you to use your mind consciously to do positive things work as reinforcement towards lowering blood pressure levels. That is why more and more health counsellors are giving the go-ahead for people diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure problems to continue with what the patients started off as an experimental program e.g. deep breathing exercises like those advised by Yoga and Tai-Chi, different forms of daily meditation (from sitting to walking meditation, chants to focussing on a single object etc.) and even giving the car a wash!

The reason why these activities work to reduce the blood pressure reading is because of the conscious effort and resolution required by the individual to be exerted into the task they’re following and devoting the necessary time to show results that register in your brain as a positive end to a job well begun.  With time, these everyday chores – be it tuning the biker for a rider or mowing the lawn for a gardening enthusiast – enable the patient to incorporate a sense of utility into the treatment, which is far removed, even enjoyable and thought-provoking as compared to just popping a pill.

When patients with high blood pressure persevere with the techniques that work for them in daily life, they reduce their BP reading and also add years to their lives: as Indiana University research revealed even cheerfully doing household chores for a few hours can lower systolic blood pressure by an average of nearly 13 points. For some men, this is really good news since such a drop is enough to get them out of the ‘hyper’ category into a classification that is less worrisome!

Vacuuming, doing dishes, walking the dog and other activities that burn at least 150 calories – are all everyday ways to stay active and lower your blood pressure without drugs!

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