Essential Attractive Qualities In A Man

Essential Attractive Qualities In A Man

A stalwart personality overshadows good looks especially when it comes to men. The new age woman is fastidious and could not care less for six pack abs or Greek god looks. These superficial traits do not make a man. Some hidden qualities, however, are intensely appealing in a man and can make any woman weak in her knees. Let us see some of the essential attractive qualities in a man.

Essential Attractive Qualities In A Man

The Traits of Leadership

Any woman will gravitate towards a man who commands respect and has an aura of being a dominant leader.

Essential Attractive Qualities In A Man

Leadership has nothing to do with subjugation but more about how you stand in a crowd of people. If people are in awe of you and look at you with adulation, admiration and respect, then you possibly have all the traits of being a good leader.


A man who remains unfazed and calm even in the direst situations is intensely attractive. It is very hard to tell what is going on in his mind and most women love that intriguing quality in a man. Self-assuredness has also a lot do with being comfortable in your own space and skin. Letting others live their lives and remaining non-judgemental is a huge turn on for any woman. A person who lets a woman lead a life of respect and worth commands great respect and admiration.


Intelligence has become elusive and plenty of women are thirsting for potential intellect in their man. Intellect has nothing to do with solving maths problems or doing puzzles.It has everything to do with being dynamic and having a vast reserve of knowledge over many subjects. Well-spoken and well-read men are infinitely more interesting and can hold a woman’s attention for long.


No woman likes a man who is shaky, inconsistent and does not stand up for his values and beliefs. Women like men who can stand up for them and believe in themselves.

Qualities In A Man

Inconsistency can take several forms like not fulfilling your promises, not giving support when it is needed and failing to deliver on love and affection.  An inconsistent man can never have fulfilling relationships.

Being fun

Every woman craves for a man who is light-hearted, humorous and fun. A person who can make you laugh and give you a good time will score over a reserved or sombre person. Fun loving guys have a knack of maintaining a spark in their relationships.


Loyalty is very hard to find in a man, as most men by nature are polygamous. Consider yourself lucky if you have a rock solid man by your side that is devoted and faithful. This is a rare quality in a man and if you are lucky to have such a man by your side, then do your best to cherish and love him. Fidelity is becoming difficult to find in relationships and you need to do your bit to ensure that your man remains loyal and true to you. A trustworthy partner is a god given gift.

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