Erin Ellington Hot Or Not?


Erin Angel Ellington was born on November 6, 1968, in Des Moines, Lowa. She spends her childhood in Lowa with her four brothers and two sisters. Her mother was the owner of antique shop and her father was a teacher in school. She completed her graduation from Adel-De Soto High School, in this school she is known as homecoming queen. She took her studies from Cornell College, where she received a combined degree in Sociology and Psychology.

Erin suffers so much in her life as she worked as a youth crisis counselor and then a drug and alcohol detox counselor. After that she became a flight attendant for a national airline. While doing her job in a flight a photographer recognize the real beauty of Erin and gave her a chance of shoot in Los Angeles. She started this career as a part time job but her beauty and attractive figure make a fashion model and popular swimsuit model. She appears on the cover pages of many magazines.

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