Ensuring Good Health Through Dental Hygiene


Good dental health is very important as the teeth play an important role in keeping us healthy. It is important to begin as a child. Once you are done with your milk teeth the next set you get are the set you are going to have for the rest of your life.

So learning to manage them well from an early age is of vital importance. Heredity may decide the size and shape of your teeth but keeping them clean and in good shape is, at the end of the day, your very own responsibility. And what a wonderful smile a good clean set of teeth produce!

Is it only brushing of ones teeth and flossing that we need to pay attention to. Yes, that’s where the ball game begins. If you regularly brush your teeth and floss them, you can be assured a good clean set of teeth and healthy gums. A 3 minute circular brushing is considered to be the least you could do for your teeth. It is widely acknowledged that brushing ones teeth is done at the minimum twice a day. These are the habits as kids if instilled are the ones that will last that life time.

Toothpaste using fluoride is best. Make sure you get good fluoride toothpaste, if necessary consult your dentist. He normally is aware of all the hoopla of over inflated advertiser’s claims. Some dentist may recommend a mouth wash if the plaque formation has built up. Ideally, you should rinse your mouth after a meal. It is recommended to skip snacking if possible.

Flossing ones teeth daily is equally important. This helps clean the gaps between ones teeth. Never use a tooth pick. It’s a poor habit which when over used generates large gaps between the teeth having pushed back the gums.

This does not grow back and these gaps between the teeth become good places for scraps of food to collect when you eat. The tongue also needs some attention. You should gently brush the tongue to dislodge any bacteria forming. In eastern countries a tongue cleaner is widely used for the same purpose. It is an effective way to clean ones tongue.

If you manage to look after your teeth with the simple methods mentioned above you should never need to have any dental work done. However do visit your dentist every second year. If on the other hand, you get a tooth ache it would be best to head straight to the dentist. Remember prevention is always better than looking for a cure.