Eisley Hot Or Not?


Eisley is a rock musical band. The band’s members include siblings Stacy DuPree, who born on October 7, 1988, Sherri DuPree, who born on December 3, 1983, Chauntelle DuPree born on November 8, 1981, and Weston DuPree born on May 17, 1986, as well as close friend Jonathan Wilson born on February 4, 1983. The band was formed in 1997. Their brother Weston who was then 10 years old soon joined the band as the drummer.

The band played numerous weekend shows at the venue until they became too busy with other opportunities. In May of 1998, the three DuPree sisters, calling themselves The Towheads, made their debut performance at the BrewTones’ grand opening. They changed their band name to MossEisley and it was a reference to the town Mos Eisley from “Star Wars” and in 2001, Weston’s friend, bassist Jonathan Wilson, joined them.