Effects Seen After Infection With Lyme Disease

Infection With Lyme Disease

Infection With Lyme Disease Lyme disease is a disease that is caused by ticks specifically the bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi. There are many effects mainly the psychological effects of this disease. The effects are very mild and almost not visible  in the initial stages but can acquire a serious form in the later stages. The effects are limited not just to the physical and psychological forms but get extended to their families and social life too.

These effects are not very easy to treat because of their undetectable nature.So here is a list of effects or the impacts that can be detected in case of an infection with Lyme disease

List of Effects Of The Disease

The psychological Effects of Lyme Disease

The person who gets infected with Lyme disease suffers from different psychological problems. These can be in the form of extreme mood swings, personality changes and uncontrolled behavior.

Mood Changes

The person will exhibit inexplicable mood swings that will vary from time to time. He may be calm and quiet at one time and the very next action might demonstrate violent or abusive behavior.

Personality Changes

Lyme disease can bring in profound changes in the behavior of the victim. There can be many striking changes in the behavior pattern.

Seen After Infection With Lyme Disease

The patient may suffer from mood swings, face difficulty in concentrating or remembering things, memory loss accompanied with a weakness in the muscles. The patient can also suffer from learning disabilities, panic attacks and obsessive behavior. This happens because the Lyme infection attacks the nervous system of the victim.

Uncontrolled Behavior

When a person gets infected with the Lyme disease there are many signs of uncontrolled behavior. This can be in the form of developing sensitivity towards any form of noise, Attention Deficit Disorder, developing severe problems in concentration, a compulsive habit of scribbling on everything and many more.

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The Physical Effects of Lyme Disease

People generally put more stress on the psychological and neural symptoms while the physical symptoms go unnoticed. These can be in the form of migrating muscles pain, headaches and joint pains. The joint pains mostly occur in the knees, shoulders, elbow, foot, and the hip. The physicians need to closely monitor the physical effects to diagnose the problem correctly. Some other forms of physical effects are heart problems, eye inflammation, liver inflammation or hepatitis and extreme fatigue.

Effects on the Nervous System

There can be effects on the nervous system because of the tick bite. You may develop facial palsy where the muscles on both sides of the f ace get weak, meningitis with fever.

Lyme Disease

Source: http://www.scripps.org/articles/803-aging-changes-in-the-nervous-system

You may experience a stiff neck with neck pain that becomes worse at night. The disease can slowly destroy the functioning of the nervous system leading to partial loss of hearing, complete memory loss and dementia.

Effects of the Disease on Families

Apart from the physical and psychological effects there are social effects of the disease too. Lyme disease can ruin families specially marriages. The patients tend to become verbally abusive and may become socially retarded or withdrawn. There can be instances of major cognitive problems. As there is lack of patience in the victim, verbal abuses that often go beyond limits can lead to domestic violence in the worst cases. For these reasons it is often said that a tick bite can also drive you crazy.

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