Effective Treatments For Male Yeast Infections


Male yeast infections are never discussed, though they are equally prevalent as female yeast infections. They are contagious and spread to sexual partners. Incidences of this infection are steadily growing all over the world, and instead of feeling shy, it is necessary to get it treated if you or your partner has yeast overgrowth.


Unlike women, males may be carrying this infection for a number of years, unknowingly.  In fact the infections manifest indirectly through internal problems like gas, bloating sensation, cravings for sweets, mood changes, and other symptoms often leading to the detection of yeast infection in males.
Since men are physically different from women, they may not experience itching or burning sensations which are associated with yeast infection.

One reason why it is difficult to detect the infection is that the temperature on the penis constantly remains at 77 degrees. This keeps the infection latent till it finds the vaginal opening which is the breeding ground for yeast overgrowth.


Both male and female yeast infections can be treated in a similar manner through natural treatments. Over the counter gels and ointments can be used in spite of the fact that they are labeled as “for vaginal use only”.

Retail outlets do sell many such anti-fungal or anti-bacterial creams and gels. Natural cures are available for female yeast infection, which can be used for male yeast infection as well.

Many have found Gentian violet tincture as a natural effective method to treat this condition. Apply gently a few drops of this tincture around the penis opening.

The treatments available are oriented towards vaginal use, though male yeast infections are equally commonplace.

Remember, every infected woman who has sex with her partner simply passes on the infection.


Though treatments for male infection are promoted as those meant for women, they are effective in treating males as well. But local applications may not be the way to treat the problem.

You have to get to the bottom of the infection, find out the reasons and look out for a natural cure which can remove the infection, at least till the next time you have sex with an infected female.