Effective Treatments For Baldness In Men


Baldness in men is a common and growing problem, and there can be many reasons for it including the hormonal levels, genetic history and maturity. Most of the men start facing this problem at the age of fifty years, but there are exceptions as well. The problem starts when the hairline starts to recede and with time, baldness starts to appear in the center of skull. There are prepared solutions for this problem, but the doctors recommend that men should first look at the preferences and choices.

There are number of treatments available for the cure of baldness, but yet no single treatment is sure to get rid of baldness. Hair replacement surgery is another solution which can be adopted. During the surgery, the hair bearing skin is removed and replaced, and after few months new hair starts growing. There are few medicines as well, which can be used besides surgery.

Minoxidil is a medicine, which is used for high blood pressure, but has a side effect of improving the hair growth which will stop the baldness. According to research studies, the topical use of two percent Minoxidil is effective for the treatment of baldness. It can help the hair to grow on the vertex and front areas of scalp.

Finasteride is one of the prescribed medicines, which can also be used for the treatment of baldness. This medicine is effective as it helps the growth of hair through improvement in hormonal levels. This medicine is most effective for the men who have family history of baldness.

Ketoconazole is another treatment for treating fungal infections on skin which can create baldness. Presence of 5-alpha in this medicine is effective for the growth of hair and will stop the baldness. Importantly, this medicine is not recommended for baldness treatment by the FDA in US.

So there are number of treatments which are available for the treatment of baldness in men, but you must consult your doctor before choosing any of the available treatments as these medicines can cause some serious side effects. You must take the advice of doctor before using any of the medicine for the treatment of baldness.

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