Effective Herbal Treatment for Orchitis


Use medicinal herbs to treat orchitis at home.

Who can get infected with Orchitis?

Orchitis is a viral infection caused by the growth of bacteria which normally targets the male population. Although it usually occurs in middle-aged men, younger males and children are not immune to this disorder. Once the virus enters the body, one or both testicles will gradually swell accompanied by excruciating pain.

How is the infection carried?

STD (sexually transmitted disease) is the common cause of orchitis. In addition, the bacteria  thrive by improper wearing of sports safety gear.

What are the common symptoms of Orchitis?

Once infected, the groin area will become painful and there will also be pain on passing urine. You may find blood in your urine. Fever, with headache and body pains will occur. Without proper medication, it will become increasingly difficult to walk and sit.

How to treat Orchitis.

To avoid becoming infected with orchitis, men must always take protective measures during intercourse. However, once it enters the body, it must not be taken lightly due its adverse effects on sperm count and the reproductive organs. See a doctor immediately to get proper medication.

As you take your medication, you can accelerate healing through the help of herbal remedies. There are also other helpful things to ease your discomfort. Here’s how.

Cold compress and dandelion. A cold compress will alleviate the pain. Do not use a hot compress. It will encourage blood flow which will further cause pain. Drinking a mixture of dandelion and a cup of tea three to four times daily will ease pain and stress.

Enough fluid intake.  Drinking water helps stop bloody discharge by encouraging regular urination.

Other helpful tips.

You can help accelerate healing by avoiding stress and wearing cotton undergarments. Do not use strong detergent when doing your laundry. Using hot water (or as hot as is possible) to wash laundry will ensure bacteria is killed.

It is important to follow a daily routine of strict body hygiene, especially after using the toilet. Follow your doctor’s order meticulously, and make sure you use the recommended soap and medicines that will help you to heal quickly.