Effective Hemorrhoids Home Treatment


Hemorrhoidstraetment Getting through the daily session in the toilet is so difficult for people who have haemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by strained veins due to too much effort and pressure during bowel movement.

It is of two types: internal or external. The kind of haemorrhoids referred to in this article is the external type. This is the type that has protrusions in the anal area that may sometimes bleed and can cause pain during bowel movement. Internal haemorrhoids may also cause bleeding but do not generally cause pain.

It is so hard to experience pain, and you may even have the emotional stress that goes with having such a problem. In order to address this concern, you can resort to home treatment to avoid the side effects caused by prescription medicines.

Your hemorrhoid home treatment can start with the proper cleaning of the anal area after your toilet session. Make sure that you use a clean, wet tissue with a light cleanser. Do not wipe so hard that the anal area becomes irritated. It is advisable to take a shower to thoroughly clean your body.

Also, be careful with your choice of soap products. You have to ensure that they do not have irritants like perfumes or dyes. It is better if you use herbal soaps as they help in the external treatment of your hemorrhoids.

If you experience pain, you can take pain killers that your body does not react to negatively. Regular ice treatment will relieve you from the itching and swelling. You could also soak the affected area in warm water for quick hemorrhoid relief. A Sitz bath will also be helpful. Just make sure that you use warm and not hot water, for this may worsen your situation.

Finally, as part of your home treatment, you can use non-prescription drugs like creams and ointments and apply them after your bath.  It is also advisable not to wear tight clothes, to avoid irritation in the affected area.

These hemorrhoids home treatment methods may not be new to you but they are effective when followed faithfully. Reinforce your routine with good diet, proper hygiene and the right products, and you could very well attain a hemorrhoid-free situation.

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