Effective Grooming Tips For Bald Men

Tips For Bald Men

Tips For Bald Men Baldness refers to the physical state where due to heavy hair loss the scalp becomes hair less. The cases of baldness might be genetic or due to surrounding environmental causes like unhealthy diet, hormonal disbalance, stress or problematic scalp.

Baldness can occur both in men and women although the state is more prominent in men. Baldness is no longer an embarrassing situation but more and more men are embracing baldness as their style and are getting applauded for it.

Like the kind of care we need to take in maintaining our hair the same care is needed to keep the scalp of the bald healthy. Some effective grooming tips for bald men can be summarized in to the following paragraphs.

Grooming techniques for bald men

The first thing that all bald men need to do is keep their scalp clean and healthy. Since the scalp of bald men are more exposed to heat, sun burn and chemicals, extra precautions need to be taken to prevent any kind of damage to the skull. When follicles get chocked with oil and dirt, acne might result on the bald head.

It is therefore necessary to keep the scalp clean whenever possible. For this two basic things can be done, first use of a cap to cover the scalp and also wash the scalp of the head with plain water every time you return from outside. As the skin on the bald head is very delicate therefore it might react to certain shampoos and chemicals. To prevent this situation, the best thing would be to use a cortisan cream to moisturise the scalp.

Proper shaving techniques

When the head is shaved frequently without the skin getting ready for the shave, razor burns might occur. To prevent these bald men should follow a healthy regime when shaving needs to be done.

The first step that can be done is to avoid repeated shaving and that too at small intervals. The scalp being soft gets damaged, inflamed and also painful. Proper shaving techniques must be adapted from preventing the occurrence of razor burns.

The first step towards a proper shaving technique is to exfoliate the skin before shaving. This can be done by using a facial scrub to remove the dead skin from the surface as well as clear ingrown hairs. The next step involves lubricating the skin. A good lubricating cream should contain coconut oil, glycerine and should be free of alcohol.

Any kind of alcohol product like menthol will numb the skin.Bald men with sensitive scalp skin should use a pre shave oil to prevent razor drag. When shaving the head, sharp blades should be used to prevent razor drags and no pressure should be exerted on the blades as it would lead to inflammation and would further enhance sun burns.

Lastly, after every shave a good moisturizer should be used to soften the skin. Aloe, sheep butter and glycerine are some of the home based products which are very good in keeping the skin of the scalp moist after shave.

Avoid direct exposure to sun’s ray

Protecting the bald head from the harmful affects of the sun’s ray is another important grooming tip that needs to be adhered seriously. The cheapest and the best means of protecting the scalp from the implications of sun’s radiation are to wear a simple cap.

Any light weight cloth material that will shield the scalp as well as allow air circulation will prove to be the best material for such purpose. The other thing that can be done to protect the cap from sun burn is to apply a good sun block with a SPF of 4-5. It would be most advisable to remain indoors when the sun’s radiations are at its peak.

This might not always be possible and therefore sun blocks seem to be a better option. In case you wish to avoid the use of chemicals for your hair then there are a number of natural products that can be used to massage the scalp and also as a sun block. Coconut oil and castor oil mixed in equal proportion acts as a good natural sun block. The mixture also helps in keeping the scalp moist preventing the accumulation of dandruffs etc.

Baldness has been recognised as the latest hair trend and surprisingly even hairy people are adapting the style by shaving their heads off. Products are being launched by various cosmetic companies that focus on keeping the bald’s head healthy and shiny. Personally, once the hair has got shaven off or in case of natural balding, the scalp needs to be taken care of.

Shampooing the scalp with products which are not suitable for the skin scalp can cause irritation and reaction. This is the reason why when using a shampoo, bald men should know exactly what are the components present in the shampoo. Alkaline based shampoos are best for the bald scalp.

Large compounds like Sodium Mirth sulphate, prevents the penetration of the chemicals in to the skin head while keeping the skin smooth and shiny. It further retains the moisture of the scalp skin. It might not be always possible to shampoo the scalp.

In such cases scrubbing the skin with a mild scrubber will actually prevent the choking of the follicles. The best available home remedy for this is to apply a mixture of ground nut powder and honey on the scalp and leave it out to dry before rubbing with moist hands. One must also remember to use soft hands when cleaning the sensitive of the scalp.

Finally, a regular and proper head massage is very essential to keep the skin scalp healthy and free from oil. What kind of ointments or oils are to be used depends on the components of the products. The best means of obtaining a healthy massage without the risk of side affects is to apply ground nut oil every day before sleep.

Green tea mixed in a tablespoon of honey also is a great relaxant that not only helps in keeping the hair follicles free of dirt but also relaxes the brain. Any kind of light massage done on the scalp skin once or twice a week will help in keeping the scalp shiny and who knows the next time bald men might be the next people dictating the fashion statements to the world!

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