Effect Of Wine And Alcohol On Health


Wine is known as a historical drink for mankind since ages. Traditional use of this in different societies started later. No one knows yet why wine was produced 1st time, because of spiritual reasons or flavor?

Wine has become an element of modern societies of today’s world. People think that without this drink parties are incomplete. Important point to know is what is the impact of it on health? People who drink wine have better health than those who drink beer or liquor and non-drinkers. Research figures prove that people who drink wine have better IQ. Few authors said that wine is one of the best drugs for many problems.

How Helpful for Diabetes – Many of us believe that alcohol has only bad effect on human health. Actually modern research shows that reasonable use is beneficial for healthy life. It affects males & females differently. Results of one research showed that females who used alcohol reasonably at medium level were not plagued by chronic diabetes.

Effect on Kidneys – According to Swedish researchers the causes of kidney cancer, a severe disease, can be reduced through medium level consumption of alcohol.

Overcoming Heart Disease – As per Danish scientists from NIPH, use of wine or medium in-take of alcohol is also beneficial for male community. It is shown through research that ratio of heart attacks is less in those males and females who use alcoholic drink. It was also observed that in males it has better results.

Impact of Alcohol on Obesity – As per scientist of MCR, use of a single drink of alcohol everyday can keep people away from being fat. But it is not said that if fat people start taking alcoholic drinks, they will become thin. Alcohol has lots of calories in it and no one knows what the level of medium use is.

Do not forget Side Effects – We have talked about the benefits but we should not forget the side effects. Drinking more than usual is very harmful. Overdose of alcohol can affect mainly human liver, brain and stomach. It can also become the cause of hyper tension, anxiety and can damage nerve system of humans.

For pregnant females, alcohol is very harmful so it is prohibited during the pregnancy. Any amount of alcohol during this time is dangerous for the new born.

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