Effect of Low Testosterone on Men’s Life


LowTestosterone The level of testosterone determines the quality of men’s life. So you should know what your level of testosterone is in order to maintain a good quality of life. Scientific research has shown that the level of testosterone starts falling 10% in a decade after the age of 30 years. So this variation in the level of testosterone can have a great influence on the life of a man.

Testosterone is basically responsible for the majority of the attributes which men have in them. It plays a very important role on both the physical and the mental health of the man including emotional and physical fitness. Testosterone is responsible in determining your mood and well being.

Many men become victims of low levels of testosterone in old age; there are some who can have a low level of testosterone at the age of 30 to 40 years. But there are very few men who try to seek treatment of the problem as they believe that it is part of aging.

Testosterone is considered to be a men’s hormone but women too produce a small amount of testosterone which helps to provide strength to the muscles and bone mass. Testosterone has its role in reducing the excessive fat from the body. It helps to lose weight with its presence in the body.

Low level of testosterone is responsible for many emotional and physical health problems including constant fatigue, low self-esteem, mood swings, hair loss, depression, lack of energy and many others. It is also responsible for the loss of the feeling of youthfulness.

The role of exercise is very important for determining the levels of testosterone in men. Lack of physical activity affects the level of testosterone negatively. So to keep the level of testosterone up to a mark you should keep on doing exercise.

The level of exercise and its intensity are very important for determining the level of testosterone. Testosterone is released more with a short span activity like building the strength but its secretion gets low with the longer activities like jogging.

So to get your vitality and energy back you need to engage yourself into a strength training program. This will surely help you to regain the joyful quality of life.