Easy Hair Care For Men

Easy Hair Care For Men

Easy Hair Care For Men Guys are the most prone to hair fall and baldness. But you should take care of your hair to sustain a healthy and shiny hair. Here are certain tips to care for your hair.

Hair Care Tips For Men

Water in Hair Care

Use cold water for bathing, when you wash your hair. Never use hot water, as it will damage your cuticle covering and take away the shine from your hair. If you have an oily hair, then use lukewarm water for your hair wash. This will help you remove excess oil alone. Never apply oil immediately after a hair wash. Allow it to dry fully before oiling your hair.

Drying your Hair

Once after your hair wash, do not just rub your towel randomly on your hair. Do it gently and make even strokes on the direction in which your hair grows. Do not use a hair drier or hot iron to dry your hair. Use your fingers to work on tangles if any.

Brush or Comb

hair care tips for men

The most important hair care tip is to comb or brush your hair only when it is completely dry. Do not pull your brush or comb when your hair is wet. Use a comb with wide teeth to comb your hair when it is wet. Avoid using metal combs.

Using Hair Care Products

Get the ones with minimal chemical content. Also dilute your shampoo or any hair care product you use when you bathe. Add water to at least half of the amount of the product. Use a conditioner if your hair is too dry. Never use your nails to apply the products on your hair. Massage your hair care products with the round tips of your fingers. Always use a good quality product than choosing cheaper ones. Avoid colouring your hair very often.

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Trim your Hair

A short hair is easy to care and best suits men’s hair styles. Moreover when you trim your hair regularly your hair is prevented from splitting at the ends.

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It will also prevent your hair from clogging with dirt easily. So give a regular hair cut.

Hats and Caps

When you wear a cap, be careful that your scalp does not sweat more and make your hair wet. This would end up in dull hair. Avoid wearing hats which are so tight for your head. This will prevent your hair from any breakages.

Moisture in Your Hair

Extremely dry hair does not stay healthy. Keep a little moisture in your hair. Use a good moisturizing conditioner after bath. Use coconut oil for your hair. It is also equally important to maintain enough water content in your body also. So drink a lot of water.

Healthy Practices

Your hair is one of the parts of your body. It gets its strength from your body only. So eat a healthy and balanced diet, mainly food rich in protein. Wash your hair regularly and keep it off from dandruff. It is better not to share your hair care products with others. Clean your brushes and combs regularly.