Easy And Functional Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition among men. It is a sexual disorder characterised by the inability of a man’s penis to develop an erection and sustain it during sexual intercourse. A number of factors, both psychological as well as medical can trigger this condition.

While some of them can be set right through simple lifestyle changes, others require more analysis, counselling and treatment. Erectile dysfunction can be the result of certain medications that you take for other diseases. If you feel that this could be the cause, you can talk to your doctor about it and maybe think about a change in prescription.  This is a temporary cause and can be removed once you stop the trigger.

Smoking and alcohol could cause erectile problems in men. Alcohol dims your senses, resulting in poor performance in bed. This could also be a major source of disagreement between you and your spouse leading to stressful situations which can worsen the problem. Nicotine levels can reduce circulation of blood in the penis which will again lead to erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction could be purely psychological. Lack of privacy in the house or stressful situations at work could be eating into your mind while you try to have sexual intercourse with your partner. You may talk with your partner and make changes like moving your kids to a kids’ bedroom or spending more intimate moments together without interruption. Stress can be reduced through exercise and other soothing and meditative techniques like yoga.

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Walnut and Honey for Erectile Dysfunction

Walnut has great aphrodisiac qualities. The high amounts of zinc, iron, potassium and protein are necessary for sexual health. Walnut has an active ingredient amino acid named arginine which produces nitric oxide that is capable of enlarging blood vessels and direct the flow of blood into the penis.

Honey too has aphrodisiac qualities. 3 ounces of honey consumed every day can increase the nitric oxide levels in blood. Honey has zinc, vitamin E, B and vitamins that can boost the count of sperms and increase motility. Mix equal amounts of walnut and honey. You can take this three times a day, half an hour after meals. A glass of milk has to be had immediately after taking this mixture. After a month of consumption, you will see definitive results.

Garlic and Onion for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Garlic acts as a tonic for all sorts of sexual problems. Chewing two cloves of garlic every day will ensure that you remain free of sexual dysfunctions. Heat three cloves of garlic in pure cow’s ghee till it turns golden brown in colour. Remember to heat in low flame so that it does not lose its aphrodisiac qualities. This process will ensure that the heat in garlic is removed before you consume them. You can chew this every day for sure results.

Onion too is very effective for erectile dysfunction, though not as good as garlic. The white skin variety of onion has better aphrodisiac properties. Crush the onion and fry it in cow’s ghee or butter till it turns golden brown. You can take this every day morning along with one teaspoon of honey in an empty stomach.

Almond and Milk for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Almonds are rich in vitamin E which is important for proper function of reproductive organs. Take a small bowl of almonds and crush them into powder form. Tale one tablespoon of almond powder and mix it with a glass of warm milk. You can drink this every day before going to bed. Wait for three weeks before you can see a definite improvement in your libido and also increased erection.

Carrots for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Grate carrots and cook them in cow’s milk or cow’s ghee till it is soft. Cow’s milk retains the beta carotene in carrot which is good for sexual health. You can add cardamom, nutmeg and sugar to sweeten it. Honey is an alternative, if you do not want to add sugar.

Honey can be added once you remove the carrot mixture from the flame, when it cools. This can be taken every day for three months. In India, carrot halwa is prepared as dessert which is served after food or on its own. But many would not know that this is an aphrodisiac which offers great results if consumed regularly.

Drumstick Flowers for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Boil about 15 grams of drumstick flowers along with 1/4th litre of milk.  This acts as a tonic for treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual debilities. This is useful for treating male as well s female infertility. The powder of the dry bark is also used for treating erectile dysfunction, thining semen and premature ejaculation.

Dry Fruits for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Dry fruits increase sexual vigour. For preparing this natural remedy, you can take hundred grams of cashew nuts, walnuts, prunes, raisins and dried apricots. Mix it with three small sized lemons and grind them well. Add three ounces of honey into this mixture and stir well. This can be stored in air tight jars and one tablespoon consumed every day, an hour before you have your meal.

Black Raisins for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Black raisins help in regaining sexual vigour. They are produces by drying black grapes. Wash black raisins thoroughly and boil them in half a litre of milk till they become swollen, sweet and cooked. Take these cooked raisins three times every day. You must follow it up with a glass of milk. Thirty grams of raisins must be followed by 200 ml of milk. Slowly, the quantity must be increased from 30 gms to 50 gms.

Diet plays an important role in curing erectile dysfunctions naturally. A diet rich in fibres like vegetable and fruits help in removing the toxins from the body. Toxins could be responsible for blocking the arteries that carry blood to vital organs, including the penis. Zinc too plays a great role in increasing sexual desire.

Food rich in zinc and if necessary, zinc supplements too can be included in your daily diet. Equally important is the role of vitamin A. Food rich in beta carotene like carrots must be added in plenty for sexual health. Erectile dysfunction is very common in men. One must definitely seek treatment and help if faced with this problem.