East Ways To Style Thinning Hair

East Ways To Style Thinning Hair

East Ways To Style Thinning Hair Thinning hair is a global problem faced by most working adults. Limp, lifeless and hair with no volume can be a real nuisance, but does this mean you’ll give up style? Heck no! For ages, men with thin hair have spent money on wigs to cover up for the lost hair, fortunately for you, pro hairstylists have some hair tricks rolled up in their sleeves that’ll help you manage thin hair without compromising on the style quotient.

How to Style Thinning Hair

A Good Hair Stylist

What you need first is a good hair stylist who can identify the problem at once and help you fix it. A good hair stylist will know what styles will suit both you and your thin hair. You have to rely on your stylist to give you a complete new look and so select a professional who you can really trust.

Haircut And Cropping

Forget back-brushing your hair or wearing those wigs. Don’t be afraid to get a good hair cut. Talk to your stylist and he/she will help you figure out what haircut will add volume to the hair. There are many hair cuts that are both stylish and seem to add volume to the hair. For men, most of these cuts are short or cropped which will help add a certain depth to your persona by shifting the attraction from your hair to your face. Cropping the hair not only makes it more stylish but it helps camouflage the thin quality of your hair.

Shampoo And Conditioners

Shampoos and conditioners are your first step to manage thin hair. You’ll find many brands that have come up with voluminizing shampoos. You must try these shampoos to introduce some volume into your limp tresses.

Style Thinning Hair

Opt for a leave-in conditioner that enhances volume. This way no matter what style you want to incorporate, your hair will look lusher than it really is.

Blow Dry And Style

Blow drying after a hair wash will also help you puff up your hair and make it voluminous. Bend down and use a hair blower to blow your hair up side down starting from the scalp and then going to the tips. This helps to pump in some volume and lends a puffed up look to the hair. After the blow dry don’t brush the hair too much, else it’ll lose all the puffiness. Gently part your hair and use hands to style your hair up.

Sporty Style

If you have thin hair on the top but relatively longer ones in the sides you can opt for the sport styling solution which can effectively hide the thinness on the top. Using small amount of hair mousse (stay away from too much of it) and working gently with your fingers and bring the side hair towards the middle to get a funky look.

Go Bald

Going bald is a new hair trend! It’s not only the men who have embraced this emerging trend, some female fashionistas have gone the bald way too .Going bald, gives you a fresh look and feel. With no hair to snatch any attention, other goods features are accentuated like chin dimples, nice eyes or an irresistible smile.